About Us

What we do

Bareeq Capital is a leading developer and investor in infrastructure projects in Egypt and the MENA region. Since our launch, we have developed eight projects worth over $500 million, paving the way for the creation of 5,000 jobs in the process. This is in addition to a number of other unique opportunities currently under development.As developers, we conceive, manage and orchestrate the full course of development from start to finish. Typically, we bid and acquire the rights to a project, determine and negotiate its commercial structure, develop its construction program and design, obtain necessary public approvals, secure financing, invest equity, build the project, and oversee its operation and management.We are focused primarily on defensive infrastructure sectors including healthcare, education, energy, transportation and water. This is driven by our belief that infrastructure paves the way for sustainable growth and development, and acts as a catalyst for attracting further investment.

Our Strategy

Our activities encompass the entire process of a project’s development from conception to completion. To do this successfully, we follow an 8-pronged strategy to only develop and invest in infrastructure assets where social and financial returns are optimized and where risk is minimal.

Our Team

Through its dedicated team of employees, consultants and advisors, Bareeq develops and invests in unique infrastructure projects in Egypt and the MENA region. Based in Cairo, Egypt, our team consists of over 200 professionals across portfolio companies, in addition to the following core development and investment professionals.



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