Bareeq’s focus is diversified and spans a range of sectors, including, but not limited to: education, healthcare, renewable energy, security services, facilities management and financial services.

As developers, we conceive, manage and orchestrate the full course of development from start to finish. Typically, we bid and acquire the rights to a project, determine and negotiate its commercial structure, develop its design and construction program, obtain necessary public approvals, invest equity, secure financing, build the project, and oversee its operation and management.

As investors, we focus squarely on risk to return. Our research is broad and extensive, seeking to identify, understand, and efficiently monetize investable economic trends and idiosyncrasies – often overlooked or mispriced – by rigorously formulating strategies to address opportunities in public and private markets.

Since 2011, we have developed, sponsored, and invested in projects and investment funds worth over $700 million, and we have proudly created over 10,000 jobs in the process.



Our approach encompasses the entire process of a project’s development from conception to completion. To do this successfully, we follow a rigorous proprietary strategy to only develop and invest in infrastructure assets where social and financial returns are optimized and where risk is minimal.


By having and continuously cultivating a world class research apparatus, along with strong relationships with a number of financial institutions, investors, researchers, and other entities, we are able to efficiently and effectively deploy capital across a diverse range of opportunities in both public and private global markets.


Our holdings include:

A sponsor of thematic exchange-traded funds listed in Europe focused on digital infrastructure and clean energy

A leading brick and mortar private university in the Middle East

The largest private-sector security services company in North Africa

A hospitals company with concession rights to develop, construct, maintain and operate 425 inpatient beds and a blood bank

A portfolio of solar power plants with 50MW capacity

One of the world’s leading providers of language e-learning for schools and universities worldwide

A digital banking financial technology company focused on MSME lending


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